Apply for the Miller Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

To apply for the E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Geography, follow the instructions and guidelines below.


Please direct questions to the chair of the awards committee:

  • Chris Fowler (chair)
  • Guido Cervone
  • Mike Nassry
  • Kim Thomas


This award offers approximately 1 semester of funding for a graduate student who is (or will be by next fall semester) ABD to support them in their dissertation research. Criteria: Proposals must demonstrate high standards of scholarship. Evidence of the potential significance of the research, promise of future impact on the candidate’s area of geographical specialization, and of professional involvement will be considered. Need is also considered.


The eligibility for Miller is for any geography student who will have passed comps by the beginning of the next fall semester. Please also make a notation that you have met with your adviser and made them aware that you are applying for this award.

Submission Requirements

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Research statement (2 pages maximum) should include dissertation topic and progress to date also any other grants or funds you have applied for.
  3. Budget and justification (1 page maximum) should
    • specify use of funds (funding is equal to approximately 1 semester, half-time, grade 12 GA stipend plus tuition for Geog 601 enrollment), and
    • the student's preferred semester for using the grant (the Associate Department Head will make the final decision on semester of award)
  4. Due in electronic form to Marnie Deibler, by email to by March 12

If you are planning to use an award to stay in residence, you do not need to offer a budget justification statement. However, if you plan to use an award for fieldwork or not to be in residence for any other reason, a budget justification statement is necessary.