Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG)

Supporting Women in Geography, or SWIG, is an official, University-recognized organization largely made up of students within the Department of Geography. SWIG's mission is to promote the participation of women in the discipline of geography and to empower women who are pursuing academic and professional careers in geography. We provide regular opportunities for women and supporters of women to come together for intellectual, professional, and personal support, and to develop a network of information and resources.


An Open Letter to the Geography Community Re: SWIG Fall 2014

Hello Geographers!
I hope the end of the semester is treating you well, and that preparing for exams and final projects has been as enjoyable as it can be.
The SWIG officers would like to thank each and every one of you who have been a part of SWIG happenings this Fall. As an organization we have accomplished a lot, and we are excited for what is to come next semester as well. Thanks to your efforts, here is what we have achieved this semester:

- Held three short and effective general membership meetings
- Participated in the Steps to Safety 5k to benefit the Centre County Women's Resource Center
- Co-organized and funded Ingrid Nelson's coffee hour visit
- Ran coffee hour lunches with Clio Andris and Gabeba Baderoon
- Hosted a social hour at Local Whiskey
- Raised money for FIVE (!) gift baskets for the Centre County Women's Resource Center
- Put together Imposter Syndrome workshop
- Recruited Anna Versluis, Jim Kernan, Julie Winkler, Liz Mack, and Vin Del Casino to sit on 2015 AAG SWIG panel
- Prepared for SYWIG Day 2015 by contacting schools and moving toward setting a date
- Started organizing workshop on Bystander Intervention
- Initiated obtaining UPAC funding for travel to AAG in April 2015 (this has been received well so far)
- Began work on the SWIG Paper Competition (details to come in Spring)
Again, we could not have accomplished all this without your help and participation. We look forward to working with members new and old after the break. We hope that you enjoy the holiday season and have a relaxing time wherever the holidays take you.
Warm regards,
Your SWIG Officers: Adrienne, Aparna, Andrew, Heather