Travel Guidelines and Forms

Karen Cox in 302 Walker is available to help you with your travel arrangements and the reimbursement process upon your return. Please review the links below, which contain useful information and guidelines about planning your work-related travel as well as how to fill out the reimbursement form when you return.

Other important travel information

Per diem rates: Consult the Travel Services Per Diem Lookup tool to see the reimbursement rates for the locations to which you are traveling. The tool includes rates for meals, lodging and incidental expenses.

"Conus" travel refers to travel within the continental United States.

"O-Conus" travel refers to travel outside the continental United States.

One-day meal reimbursement: If you travel for a day without an overnight stay, your reimbursed meals are considered by the IRS to be taxable income. You need to fill out and submit the One Day Meal Reimbursement form so that the payroll office knows how much tax from the meal reimbursement to deduct from your next paycheck.

Fleet vehicles: It may be necessary to reserve a University fleet vehicle for your travel needs. Read the guidelines for making a fleet vehicle reservation.

Reimbursement procedures without proper documentation or receipts: If you are seeking reimbursement and have not followed the guidelines, you must submit the Travel Reimbursement Request for Except Submission form.

Non-employee travel reimbursement expenses: In order for a non-employee to receive a travel reimbursement, the following two forms must be completed. For non-U.S. citizens, please view the guidelines below for what documentation is needed in order to receive a payment (such as an honorarium). 

Payment guidelines for non-U.S. citizens

: In order for a non-U.S. citizen to receive reimbursement, the following two forms must be completed:

Please print, complete, and return forms to Karen Cox in 302 Walker Building. If she is not available, return forms to Marnie Deibler in 302C Walker Building