Returning from travel: Completing the Employee Reimbursement Request Form

The Employee Reimbursement Request (ERS) is a web-based application that will allow for the consistent application of Penn State travel policies across the University and in addition to the compilation of travel data required to obtain contracted rates.

Download the Employee Reimbursement Request form. All required receipts must be attached to the request form, including airfare itinerary. Fill out the form using the guide below.

Traveler's Name: Include name, user ID, and phone number

Report Name: Include city and state (or country) of travel

Business Purpose: Give a detailed explanation for why you traveled. Include the "what" and "why." Good example: To give presentation at the Association of American Geographers conference. (Please do not use acronyms such as AAG in the forms.) Bad example: Attended conference.

Notes: Please note any helpful information that applies to your travel here, such as "not claiming hotel expenses because I stayed with family." Or, "not claiming airfare - airfare paid by conference sponsor."

Departure and Arrival: Enter departure and arrival information for all legs of the trip, including all locations, dates and times to your destination and back. This detailed information is important for calculating the correct per diem rates.

Airfare: If you used Travel Services, select "Yes" for the question "DBAF used?" If you booked airfare from a different service, the proper documentation must be provided set forth by the guidelines in the Penn State Travel Policy. If the proper documentation is not provided, the Travel Reimbursement Request for Exception must be completed. Note: Processing this exception form may delay reimbursement for several weeks. Exceptions require approval by the Corporate Controller's Office.

Mileage: A printout from Google Maps or a comparable map service is required when requesting reimbursement.

CONUS Per Diem Meals: Meals are calculated based on where the traveler spent the night. Meals for CONUS (continental U.S. states) travel are calculated by using the reimbursements rates calculator. For day trips, a one-day meal form must be completed and submitted along with the travel support form (meals on one-day travel are taxable).

O-CONUS Travel (outside the continental 48 states): Reimbursement for meals, lodging, and incidentals are based on the per diem, which is obtained from the Individual Per Diem Lookup tool. Meals are calculated based on where the traveler spent the night. A traveler is not eligible to claim lodging if he or she is in an aircraft, bus, train, etc. A traveler is not permitted to combine reimbursement methods, such as claiming actual hotel expenses based on receipts and claim per diem for meals.

Things to remember:

  • Internet connections must have a relevant business purpose. Internet connection fees cannot be charged to a research budget.
  • Books or readings from a conference are allowable purchases with the appropriate receipts attached.
  • Gas is an allowable purchase for rental cars only, with attached receipts.
  • Field supplies are an allowable purchase, with itemized receipts
  • Unallowable expenses include movie rentals, laundry, valet service (unless this is the only option to park), barber, or similar personal expenses.

Contact Karen Cox with any questions or for additional information on submitting your ERS form.