Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

Fall 2012 Coffee Hour Schedule

Coffee Hour co-chairs for 2013–2013: Roger Downs and Donne Peuquet


September 14     "Computing happens somewhere"  Matt Duckham

September 21    "The Cycad Eaters: Struggles for environmental justice in a northeastern

                          Honduran town"  Mark Bonta (B.A. '90)

September 28    “Give science a chance: Communication under conditions of uncertainty" 

                          Baruch Fischhoff

October 5            "Frontier fire in the Amazon: Local to global consequences of human-altered 

fire regimes in tropical forests" Jennifer Balch 

October 12          "Carrots, Sticks, and other "Smart" Tricks:  Changing Consumer Behaviors in

                          Electric Power Use"       Seth Blumsack

October 19          (No Coffee Hour, Dean Easterling's Reception)

October 26          "Ecological Resilience of Appalachian Forests" Elizabeth Crisfield

November 2         "Legislative Speech and Geographic Representation"  (With a sidebar on the

                           Big Data Social Science IGERT)  Burt Monroe

November 9         "Neoliberalizing social services: alternate geographies of street kids

                           and social workers" Kristina Gibson (B.S. '97, M.S. '02), 

November 16       "Overcoming America's climate change apathy: Audience research as a strategy"

                           Edward Maibach

November 23      (No Coffee Hour, Thanksgiving break)

November 30       "Locally Contextualizing Global Shocks" Brian Tomaszewski (Ph.D. '09)

December 7         "Expertise in Geography" by Roger Downs

December 14      (No Coffee Hour, last day of classes)



Spring 2013 Coffee Hour Schedule

Speakers and talk details will be added as they are confirmed.



January  11       Cynthia A. Brewer and Anthony C. Robinson
                        "Mapping Around the World: A Cartographic Study Abroad Experience"

January 18        Alan Taylor

                        "Self-reinforcing patterns of fire severity..."

January 25        Barbara Gray, Penn State Center for Research in Conflict and Negotiation

                        "Constructing a Climate Change Logic ..." 

February 1        Sara Fitzsimmons, American Chestnut Foundation
                        "Restoring the American Chestnut ..."

February 8        John Kelmelis

                       "Estimative Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Geography"

February 15      Jennifer Stewart and Ed Smiley ITS Security Operations and Services

                       "The risks associated with data and the resources to mitigate exposure"

February 22      Margaret Winchester

                       "Living with HIV: Women and Antiretroviral Treatment in Uganda"

March 1             (No Coffee Hour, Spring Break)

March 8             (No Coffee Hour, Spring Break)

March 15            Thomas Sikor

                             "The Justices and Injustices of REDD+"

March 22            The Miller Lecture with Frank Davis

                            "Connecting microclimates to plant species' range dynamics in a changing climate"

March 29            (No Coffee Hour)

April 5                Lucky Yapa

                         "The Triumph of Economics Over Geography: A New Theory of Scarcity"