Fall 2013 and spring 2014

Coffee Hour co-chairs for 2013–2014: Christopher Fowler and Alan Taylor


Fall 2013 Coffee Hour Schedule

September 13  Sue Brantley  "Sharing Water Quality Data in Pennsylvania ..."
September 20  Anthony Robinson "Maps and the Geospatial Revolution ..."
September 27  Amy Hessl "Energy and Empire ..."
October 4 Peter Hudson  "Just when you thought you were safe ..."

October 11 Leonie Newhouse  “Can my mother forget about me? ...”

October 18  David Titley "Counting the Cards in Nature's Casino ..."

October 25  Miller Lecture Ken Young "Sustainability trade-offs in the Andes and Amazon of Peru"

November 1  Tim Kelsey "Local Economic Benefits Related to Marcellus Shale ..."

November 8  Petra Tschakert "Being a social scientist on the IPCC ..."

November 15  Tom Patterson "From maps to apps ..."

November 22  Stephen Matthews "The salience of place in the study of health ..."

November 29 Thanksgiving Break, no Coffee Hour

December 6  Alan MacEachren "Geo-Visual Analytics and 'Big' Data ..."

December 13  Last day of classes, no Coffee Hour


Spring 2014 Coffee Hour Schedule 

January 17   Mona Domosh "From the U.S. South to the Global South..."

January 24   Paul Torrens "Simulating mobile pedestrians on model streetscapes"

January 31   Tim Beach "The Mayacene: Wetlands and Ecological Change in Maya History"

February 7   Margot Kaye "Influences of global change on central Appalachian forest assembly"

February 14   Doug Kennet "Development and Disintegration of Maya Political Systems ..."

February 21  Kate Freeman "... Molecular signatures of plants, animals and water in early human ..."

February 28  Mona Atia "A Space and Time for Giving: Islamic Charitable Practices in Cairo"

March 7       Beginning of spring break, no Coffee Hour

March 14     End of spring break, no Coffee Hour

March 21     Chris Fowler "Multiscale measures of diversity and the identification of ethnic enclaves ..."

March 28     The Miller Lecture at Coffee Hour

                  Ann Bisantz "Meta-Information Visualization: A Human Factors Approach"

April 4         Barry Lee "Rainbow Communities? The Local Contours of Racial and Ethnic Diversity..."

April 11       AAG meeting, no Coffee Hour

April 18       Harvey Miller "Green accessibility: Calculating the environmental costs ..."

April 25       Iliana B. Baums "The health of corals in our modern oceans" 

May 2             Last day of classes, no Coffee Hour