Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Fall 2014 Coffee Hour Schedule

August 29   Kirby Calvert "Mapping Energy Futures"
September 5   Tess Russo "Groundwater Depletion in the United States ..."
September 12   Matthew Royer "The Conewago Creek Initiative ..."    

September 19 Laurel Larsen "Structural and functional connectivity of complex aquatic landscapes"

September 26  Alberto Cervone "International Migration and its management..."

October 3  Marcus Shaffer "The Machine in an Architectural Context: Construction, Destruction, and the Culture of Miracles"

October 10 Clio Andris "The Rise of Partisanship and the Emergence of Super-Cooperators in the U.S. Congress"

October 17 Lightening Talks with Department of Geography Graduate StudentsOctober 24   Armen Kemanian "The Soil Carbon Balance, Nitrous Oxide Emissions, and Biofuels"October 31    Mark Blumler "Agricultural History in Geographical and Evolutionary Perspective"  
November 7   Ingrid Nelson "
Feminist political ecology and the (un)making of 'heroes': Encounters in Mozambique"
November 14  Matt Wilson "
Geography, Harvard, and Digital Mapping"

November 21 Ted Stets "Century of Trends: Historical perspectives on the evolution of water quality in the United States"

December 5   Gabeba Baderoon "Slavery, Islam and the Making of a South African Landscape"


Spring 2015 Coffee Hour Schedule

January 16 Jaime Alves "On deaf ears: police terror, black protest and the making of the white polis"

January 23 Peter Wilf "Patagonian Fossil Floras: Keys to the Origins, Biogeography, Biodiversity, and Survival of the Gondwanan Rainforest Biome"

January 30 The Miller Lecture Glen MacDonald "Climate Change and Perfect Drought in California and the Southwest--Past, Present and Future"

February 6 Becky Mansfield "Epigenetic life: non-dualist geographies of body-environment relationships"

February 13 Lise Nelson "Soccer, space, and the racial politics of belonging in el Nuevo South"

February 20 R. Quinn Thomas "Nitrogen constraints on terrestrial carbon sequestration, from trees to the globe"

February 27 Diansheng Guo "Computational, Visual and Statistical Analysis of Geographic Mobility"

March 20 Ken Kato "Advancing a campus GIS from a mapping system to a platform for exploring the spatially enabled smart city"

March 27 Budhu Bhaduri "Landscape Dynamics, Geographic Data and Scalable Computing: The Oak Ridge Experience"

April 3 Rinku Chowdhury "The homogenization of (sub)urban America? A comparative approach"

April 10 Khadijah White "Missing White Women, Missing America" 

April 17 The Miller Lecture Rachel Pain "intimacy-geopolitics and violence"