Fall 2006 and Spring 2007

The list below contains the presentations of the Coffee Hour series for Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.

Fall 2006

September 15, 2006
Andrew Carleton, Professor of Geography, Department of Geography, Penn State
"Influence of the Land Surface on Midwest U.S. Summer Climate"

September 22, 2006
Etien Koua, Research Associate, GeoVISTA Center, Penn State
"GIS and Visualization Tools for Monitoring Public Health Interventions: A Case of Rwanda HIV/AIDS and the Scaling up of Antiretroviral Therapy"

September 29, 2006
Michael Mann, Associate Professor, Department of Meteorology, Penn State
"The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, Climate Change, and Atlantic Hurricanes

No Coffee Hour on October 6, 2006 (Study Day)

October 13, 2006
Sandra Morgen, Professor, Department of Geography and Department of Women's Studies, Penn State
"The Politics of Visibility and the U.S. Welfare State"

October 20, 2006
Lakshman Yapa, Professor, Department of Geography, Penn State
"Will the Poor Always be With US? Reflections on Public Scholarship and Discourse Theory"

October 27, 2006
Miller Lecture

Barry Smit, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Environmental Change, Department of Geography, University of Guelph
"So What of Climate Change: The Science and Practice of Holistic Geography"

November 3, 2006
Mark Monmonier, Distinguished Professor, Department of Geography, Syracuse University
"Geospatial Technology: Tools, Weapons, and Unintended Consequences"

November 10, 2006
Bob Gardner, Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland
"Why Ecologists Love Geography"

November 17, 2006
Alan MacEachren, Professor, Department of Geography, Penn State
"Turning Data into Knowledge through GeoVisual Analytics"

No Coffee Hour on November 24 (Thanksgiving holiday)

December 1, 2006
Bryan Grenfell, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, Department of Biology, Penn State
"Infectious Disease Dynamics in Space and Time"

December 8, 2006
Bill Easterling, Professor, Department of Geography, Penn State
"Dirty Crystal Balls: Sources of Uncertainty Underlying Projections of Climate Change Effects on Human-Dominated Systems"

Spring 2007

January 19, 2007
Mark Gahegan, Professor, Associate Director of GeoVISTA, Department of Geography, Penn State Unviersity
"Utilizing Cyberinfrastructure to Support United Nations Disaster Relief Efforts"

January 26, 2007
Andrew Scholl, Department of Geography, Penn State
"Reading Nature's History Book: Reconstructing 19th Century Vegetation Dynamics in Yosemite National Park"

February 2, 2007

Bruce Jones, Chief Scientist for Geography, United States Geological Survey
"Multiple scale relationships of landscape characteristics and Nitrogen concentrations in streams across a large geographic region"

February 9, 2007
Michael Saunders, Department of Entomology, Penn State University
"The Outreach of Knowledge: Extending specialized expertise to the non-specialist-NetWeaver"

February 16, 2007
Richard Marston, Department of Geography, Kansas State University
"Geographers Collaborating to Solve Complex Environmental Problems"

February 23, 2007
Ruth Gilmore, Associate Professor of Geography and American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California
"The Prison Industrial Complex after Twenty-Five Years"

March 2, 2007
R. Gil Pontius, Department of Geography, Clark University
"Quantitative and Visual Map Comparisons for Geographic Model Validation"

No Coffee Hours on March 9 or March 16, 2007 (spring break)

March 23, 2007
Michael Goodchild, Department of Geography, UC Santa Barbara
"What Has GIS Done to Geography?"

March 30, 2007
Julie Guthman, Department of Community Studies, UC Santa Cruz
"Putting Obesity in (Its) Place: Towards an Explanation of Geographical Variation in US Fatness and Thinness"
Co-sponsored by Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

April 6, 2007
Miller Lecture
Konrad Steffen, Director, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, Department of Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder
"Changes in the Arctic Ice Cover - Greenland Ice Sheet and Surrounding Oceans"

April 13, 2007
Jane Read, Department of Geography, Syracuse University
"Biodiversity dynamics and land-use changes in the Amazon: an interdisciplinary project"

No Coffee Hour on April 20, 2007 (AAG meeting in San Francisco)

April 27, 2007
Neil Brenner, Director, Metropolitan Studies Program, Departments of Sociology and Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
"Urban governance and the production of new state spaces in western Europe"