Fall 2014 issue of Penn State GEOGRAPHY now online

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 8:58am

The Fall 2014 issue of Penn State GEOGRAPHY is now available via mail, a digital version (PDF) or as html pages. Access the format of your choice here: http://www.geog.psu.edu/news/penn-state-geography-newsletter/fall-2014-newsletter

Select features

From the Department Head:
"I delighted in the multiple revisions of color-coded floor plans (maps!). It was a team-building effort, since we needed to make the moves in sequence and ready the rooms within a week each time."
Tweeting and tornadoes: seek shelter now #okwx
“Using GIS Tools, we analyzed 86,100 geo-located tweets collected on May 19, May 20, and May 21 for Oklahoma,” Blanford, a research associate with the GeoVISTA Center, said. “We started by selecting tweets with keywords such as ‘tornado,’ ‘storm,’ ‘weather,’ ‘shelter,’ ‘emergency,’ and used an iterative process to add relevant tweets with additional keywords such as ‘destruct,’ ‘help,’ and others,” she added.
“We found that people in Oklahoma were generally interested in weather and tornadoes, and on the day of the tornado, the number of tweets increased significantly.”

Three study abroad experiences and three different lessons
Undergraduate Student Spotlight
by Kathy Cappelli
 “In general, just having the ability to study abroad gives you this confidence, this outside perspective. It’s stuff that you can’t get from a classroom setting because you have to be uncomfortable in order to get the experience,” Burka said.
Q&A with Clio Andris
The “social distance” that separates places is all around us, and we contribute to it—every second, trillions of bits of information fly in the ether, over our heads and under our feet, representing the sum of our decisions to e-mail people, check websites, watch TV, and make phone calls.
Plus more articles, Department Highlights, Community Updates, and Philanthropy