2. Department Highlights

Robinson and Hinton at AAG

Face to face

Anthony Robinson (left) congratulates MGIS student Richard Hinton on completing his capstone project at the 2014 Association of American Geographers annual meeting, held April 8–12 in Tampa, Fla.







Zimmerer and Yarnal at Recognition Reception

Recognition of service

Outgoing Associate Head Brent Yarnal thanks outgoing Department Head Karl Zimmerer for his service and leadership at the annual Recognition Reception held at The Nittany Lion Inn on May 2, 2014.






Alberto Cervone Coffee Hour visit

Family visit for Coffee Hour

The department welcomed Alberto Cervone, rear admiral retired of the Italian Navy, as the Coffee Hour speaker on September 26. He’s also Guido Cervone’s dad. Pictured (left to right): Guido Cervone, Rob Brooks, Silvana Cervone, Alan Taylor, Alberto Cervone, and Cindy Brewer.