Historical and Cultural Geographies

Cultural Geographers at Penn State examine the interdependent relationships binding culture, space and place. We look at culture as a fluid entity that both influences and is influenced by the processes of economy, the state, environment and social identity. We use different temporal lenses to examine cultural processes as they influence the making of past and present places. We also investigate geographical patterns through time, such as how people interact with their environment and create cultural landscapes. Consequently, we engage with and problematize international forces such as globalization, westernization and militarization and highlight how they vary across scales. We examine such processes through a range of theoretical lenses such as post-structuralism, post-colonialism, Marxism, feminism and critical race theory.

Faculty with interests in Cultural Geographies:

Lorraine Dowler

Deryck Holdsworth

Brian King

Ikubolajeh Logan

Melissa Wright

Karl Zimmerer