Urban Spaces

With an increasing proportion of the global population residing in cities, the spaces and places that are designated "urban" are fascinatingly varied foci for academic study. These can include the small town Main Streets of rural regions, the towering office clusters that mark downtown in metropolitan areas, and the sprawling suburban realms where more and more people live, work and shop. Faculty and graduate students in the department research urban places as a way of understanding ethnic or social relations, or track gradients of well-being or deprivation, or probe the ways that broad regions are controlled by decision-makers in key urban nodes. We analyze and visualize census and real estate records, categorize the built environment, and construct ethnographic profiles to link people to place, past to present, and compare policy to practice.

Faculty with interests in Urban Geography:

Deryck Holdsworth

Roger Downs

Melissa Wright

Lakshman Yapa