Geography Internships

GEOG 495

Guidlelines for receiving credit for geography-related internships with an external organization (GEOG 495) are currently being revised. Please address questions to Lakshman Yapa or Jodi Vender

GIS Internships (GEOG 495G)

Details of GIScience internships with the Gould Center or the GeoVISTA Center should be worked out with the faculty member in charge of each. Jodi Vender is the director of the Gould Center; Alan MacEachren is the director of the GeoVISTA Center.

Teaching Internships (GEOG 495B)

Details of a teaching internship should be worked out directly with the faculty member with whom you are working. That faculty member also will assign to you your grade. Students working on teaching internships should sign up for GEOG 495B.

For more information about geography internships, contact Jodi Vender.