Michael Quinn Nassry


As a member of Riparia - formerly the Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Institute - I’m part of a research group that focuses on science to inform policy and practice in wetland ecology, landscape hydrology, and watershed management. My current projects include:

  • Intergrating wetland ecological assessment methods and reference data into the Penn State Center for Nutrient Solutions
  • Asssessing wetland vulnerability to climate change in the mid-Atlantic region, including developing a framework and expanding case studies for both inland and coastal wetlands
  • Exploring the impact of climate change on glacier-wetland systems and the ecosystem services they provide in the Peruvian Andes and Southeast Alaska

Research Interests

  • Wetland Hydrology
  • Wetland Condition Assessments
  • Climate Change Impacts on Wetland Structure and Function


  • Ph.D. Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • M.S. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Penn State
  • B.S. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Penn State

Courses Taught

  • Geography 431: Geography of Water Resourcs
  • CAUSE 2016: Glacier-Wetland Systems
  • CAUSE 2017: Hydrology of Glacier Supported Wetlands