Project SP17e: Mapping land cover on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast

Project SP17e: Mapping land cover on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast
Researcher: Kelsey Brain
Position type: Cartography/image analysis
Scope: 45-135 hours of work during the semester for 1-3 credits
Application deadline: 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 9, 2016
Application URL:

Project and position description

I am seeking a research assistant with interests in land use change and development in the Global South. This project will contribute to my dissertation research which examines land use and livelihood change in Costa Rica caused by the arrival and settlement of a large number of migrants from the U.S., Europe, and Canada. The project will involve creating a study area map, finding satellite images of a specified study area for every five years between 1995 and 2015, and importing the images into a GIS. Depending on time and interest, the research assistant may begin working with me on classifying land cover on the images.

Desired qualifications

Applicants should have strong organizational and analytical skills. The successful candidate should be well-versed in cartography and GIS, with an interest in land use change and remote sensing. Ideal applicants will have completed GEOG 361, 362, and 363 with grade B+ or higher.

To apply

Prospective candidates should complete the application form at by 5:00 p.m. on the indicated date. Follow all instructions.