Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal

Step 1: Print solicitation guidelines (usually from the sponsor’s web site) or provide web site address.

Step 2: Inform Denise Kloehr about your intent to submit a proposal (provide solicitation number)

Step 3: At least one week prior to the due date, gather all submission information and submit it Denise Kloehr. Note: Proposals are due to SPO 24 hours before the submission date. The following is a list of submission information:

  • Name of agency and contact person receiving the proposal (i.e. NSF, USDA, NOAA, etc.)
  • Name of contact person at Penn State (P.I. including other colleges)
  • Proposal deadline
  • Copy of guidelines or RFP or website address
  • Draft budget (we will work with the Research Office to obtain a final budget)
  • Other senior personnel (including collaborators)
  • Collaborators' contact information (especially if they are outside Penn State)
  • Passwords or PIN numbers (NSF Fastlane-Collaborator proposals)
  • Updated curriculum vita
  • Updated current and pending support

Step 4: Denise Kloehr will compile or start entering the proposal, update current pending support, and work with the P.I. to prepare for submission.

If the proposal is awarded:

  • The P.I. will receive notification (usually via e-mail).
  • Penn State receives notification
  • Penn State forwards the notification to the EMS Research Office
  • EMS Research Office establishes a budget and fund number
  • EMS Research Office forwards budget and fund number to Denise Kloehr and Rosie Long, and a file is created

If the proposal is not awarded:

  • The P.I. will receive notification from the sponsor that the research is not being funded.
  • The P.I. should forward this information to Denise Kloehr. Update current pending support.

Contact Denise Kloehr with questions.