Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty

Cynthia Brewer
Department Head
cartographic communication and visualization, map design, color theory, multi-scale mapping, atlas production
Alexander Klippel
Associate Professor
Associate Department Head and Director of the Graduate Program, Director of Human Factors in GIScience Lab
geographical information science, geographic event conceptualization, behavioral research methods, spatial language
Donna Peuquet
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Acting Director of the GeoVISTA Center
geographic information science, environmental cognition, space-time representation, spatial data models
Clio Andris (photo: alexis schulman)
Assistant Professor
Social Networks, GIS, Interpersonal Relationships, Institutions, Telecommunications, transportation, Urban Planning, Social Capital
Robert Brooks
Director, Riparia
ecology, conservation and restoration of wetlands streams and riparian areas, wetland wildlife, landscape ecology
Andrew Carleton
satellite climatology, synoptic climatology, climate dynamics, human impacts on climate, Antarctica
Guido Cervone
Associate Professor
Geoinformatics, Associate Director of the Institute for CyberScience
remote sensing, environmental hazards, geoinformatics, social media
Assistant Professor
global political ecology, science and technology studies, critical industrial ecology, urban and planning studies, China
Robert Crane
Director, AESEDA
climatology, regional scale climate change, African climates
Lorraine Dowler
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Geography and Women's Studies
feminist geo-politics, cultural geography, gender, qualitative methods
Roger Downs
Honors Advisor
behavioral, environmental cognition, geography education
William Easterling
Dean, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
environmental change, agricultural systems, climate, renewable natural resources, land use
Chris Fowler
Assistant Professor
urban and economic geography, demographics, poverty, planning and economic development policies, spatial statistics, complex economic systems
Deryck Holdsworth
urban historical geography, historical geography of North America, historial GIS
Brian King
Associate Professor
conservation, development, Southern Africa, cultural and political ecology, health, livelihoods, justice
Alan MacEachren
spatial cognition, geographic information science, visual analytics, geovisualization, cartography, geocollaboration, human-centered systems
Lise Nelson
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Geography
Political and feminist geography, qualitative methods, Neoliberal globalization, Citizenship belonging and identity, Mexico and the United States, Migration and labor
Anthony Robinson
Assistant Professor
geovisualization, visual analytics, usability, geographic education, epidemiology, crisis management, HCI, Online Learning
Erica Smithwick
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Ecology, Director of Center for Landscape Dynamics
landscape ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, fire ecology
Alan Taylor
Director of Vegetation Dynamics Lab
landscape ecology, fire ecology, disturbance and climate effects on vegetation, biogeography, biological conservation, environmental management, paleoecology
Petra Tschakert
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of EESI
climate change adaptation, environmental justice, development and climate ethics, feminist theory and political ecology, resilience theory, sustainability, participatory (action) research, collective learning, Africa
Melissa Wright
Professor, Department of Geography, and Department Head, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
critical geography, feminist studies, Social movements, political economy, state terror, transnationalism, security and militarization in the Americas and along the Mexico-US border
Brent Yarnal
global change in local places, climate variation and change, land-use/land-cover change, environmental hazards, coupled human-environment systems
Karl Zimmerer
land use and agricultural change/global change, economic development/globalization/neoliberalism, nature-society and human-environment theory, environmental impacts (biodiversity/soils/water/conservation), food/producer-consumer networks/sustainability
Stephen Matthews
Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Demography, Courtesy appointment in Geography, Director of the Demography (Dual-Degree) Training Program
demography, health and well-being, multi-method research, geographic information systems

Emeritus Faculty

Ronald Abler
geography of communications systems, history of geographic thought
Peirce Lewis
the American landscape, historical geography of American culture
Lakshman Yapa
Post-modern discourse theory, Third World, theories of poverty, community development, GIS applications, public scholarship and service learning

Fixed-Term Research Faculty

Ryan Baxter Photo
Senior Research Assistant
geospatial technologies, land-use change, data management and distribution, energy
Dennis J. Bellafiore
Senior Lecturer
for Geospatial Intelligence, Dutton e-Education Institute
geospatial analysis and cognitive biases, collaborative learning, modeling instruction
Soumaya Belmecheri
Research Associate
Vegetation Dymanics Lab, Geosciences
Justine Blanford
Research Associate
spatial and temporal ecology of disease, health, GIS, spatial analysis, mobility
Aliana Britson
Postdoctoral scholar
Jim Detwiler
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer; Author and Instructor, GEOG 863 and GEOG 897D
Corina Ferbabdez
Research Assistant
Gabriella Ferruzzi
Visiting Scholar
micro-grids, smart-grids, optimization model, energy deregulated market, energy policies.
Postdoctoral scholar
environmental governance, urban geography, political ecology, Urban and landscape ecology, Landscape planning, Landscape visualization
Assistant Professor
history of geography, historical geography, social geography
Steve Handwerk
Senior Lecturer
GEOINT Program, Dutton e-Education Institute
geospatial analysis, geospatial intelligence, cartography, natural disasters
Patrick Kenelly
Beth King
Senior Lecturer
Assistant Program Manager for Online Geospatial Education, MGIS degree program; Senior Lecturer; Instructor, GEOG 483
Vincenzo Leone
Visiting Scholar
Doug Miller
Senior Scientist
remote sensing, GIS, soils, geomorphology, landscape ecology, UAS
Michael Nassry
Postdoctoral scholar
landscape ecology, nutrient cycling, Climate change impacts on streams and wetlands
Scott Pezanowski
Senior Research Assistant
GeoVISTA Center
cartography, Java programming, open source GIS, GIScience, geospatial information storage and analysis and retrieval, web map application architecture research and development
Brandi Robinson
Gregory Thomas
Assistant Director for Geospatial Intelligence Programs Dutton e-Education Institute
geospatial intelligence, Intelligence analysis, Homeland security
George Van Otten
Visiting Senior Lecturer
U.S.-Mexican border region, Native American economic development, rural development, practical applications of cultural geography