Justine Blanford

Research Interests

  • spatial and temporal ecology of disease
  • environmental monitoring and management
  • Health applications in GIS
  • Geovisualization and visual analytics
  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Movement analysis


  • Ph.D., Imperial College, UK


  • Susan Swinson-Williams (MGIS in progress) Lyme disease in Texas? Enhancing prevention through the identification of areas of risk.

  • Ryan Warne (MGIS in progress) Spatial analysis of pertussis outbreaks and herd immunity in the USA

  • Kristina Kwiatkowski (MGIS in progress) GIS analysis of commercial trucking movements from a Canadian perspective

  • Mark Brady (MGIS in progress) Identifying spatially dynamic variables affecting the distribution of West Nile Virus in Pennsylvania

  • Stephen Perrine (MGIS in progress) International Food Imports: Identification of Vulnerabilities and Risks

  • Rosemary Alles (MGIS in progress) The use of GPS driven interactive GIS applications in the conservation of elephants.

  • Jay Tompkins (MGIS ‘14) Social and spatial clustering of personal relationships: Understanding the impact of behavioural risks on sexually transmitted disease transmission.

  • Loren Pfau (MGIS '13). Sources and Uses of Geospatial Information in Wilderness Search and Rescue.

  • Mark Aurit (MGIS '12). Winter Strawberry Production in West Central Florida, at what cost?  A GIS Analysis of the relationship between groundwater pumping for frost-freeze protection and sinkhole development.

  • Linda Foster (MGIS '11). Improving Cadastre:  Development of a Workflow Prototype Utilizing ESRI’s Parcel Fabric.

Courses Taught

  • GEOG 586 (Geographic Information Analysis)
  • GEOG 583 (Geospatial Systems Design and Analysis)


  • Blanford, J.I., Bernhardt, J., Savelyev, A., Wong-Parodi, G., Carleton, A.M., Titley, D.W. and MacEachren, A.M. (2014) Tweeting and Tornadoes. Presented at 11th International ISCRAM Conference Proceedings, May 19-21.
  • Foster, L.M. & Blanford, J.I. (2013) Improving Cadastre: Development of a workflow protoype utilizing ESRI's Parcel Fabric. URISA Journal 25(2): 63-74 Glunt, K., Blanford, J.I., Paaijmans, K. (2013) Chemicals, climate and control: Increasing the effectiveness of malaria vector control tools by considering relevant temperatures. PloS Pathogens
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  • Chen, S., Blanford, J.I., Hutchinson, M., Fleischer, S., Saunders, M., Thomas, M.B. (2013) Estimating West Nile Virus transmission potential in Pennsylvania using an optimized degree-day model. Vector-borne and Zoonotic Disease.
  • Paaijmans, K.P., Heinig, R.L., Seliga, R.A., Blanford, J.I., Blanford, S., Murdock, C.C. & Thomas, M.B. (2013).  Temperature variation makes ectotherms more sensitive to climate change.  Global Change Biology.
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  • Aurit, M., Peterson, R.O., Blanford J.I. (2013) A GIS analysis of the relationship between sinkholes, dry-well complaints and groundwater pumping for frost-freeze protection of winter strawberry production in Florida. PLoSOne  8(1): e53832. 
  • Blanford, J.I., Kumar, S., Wei, L. and MacEachren, A.M. (2012) It’s a long, long walk: accessibility to hospitals, maternity and integrated health centers in Niger. International Journal of Health Geographics
  • Robinson, A.C., Roth, R.E., Blanford, J.I., Pezanowski, S., and A.M. MacEachren. (2012) Developing map symbol standards through an iterative collaboration process. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design. 39(6):1034-1048.
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  • Klass, J.I.,  Blanford S., & Thomas M.B. (2007) Development of a model for evaluating the effects of environmental temperature and thermal behaviour on biological control of locusts and grasshoppers using pathogens Agricultural and Forest Entomology 9(3): 189-199. 
  • Klass, J.I., Blanford S., & Thomas M.B. (2007) Use of a geographic information system to explore spatial variation in pathogen virulence and the implications for biological control of locusts and grasshoppers. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 9(3): 201-208.