Lorraine Dowler



My research is located at the intersection of several different theoretical frameworks that challenge common understandings of militarization.

I am currently examining the role of militarization in two distinct research projects. The first is a book project titled Women Under Fire. This project evaluates the discounting of women’s bodies as substandard to those of men as a way of disallowing women the benefits of absolute citizenship. In this book I demonstrate how the discounting of women’s contributions to the U.S. space program, to the U.S. military and to municipal fire-fighting have not only excluded women from the nationalist portrayals of heroism, but also the rewards of democratic citizenship. By examining these compelling experiences in concert we see how the counting/discounting of women is a political issue dependent on global forces such as the Cold War and the War on Terror.

My second project was sparked during my initial research stay (1991) in Belfast, Northern Ireland when I was conducting research, which was focused on issues of gender and nationalism. At that time tourism was more on an informal basis, consisting of the occasional tourist walking up the Falls Road (IRA stronghold) to photograph resistance landmarks such as Divis Flats, the site of many violent outbreaks, the peace line and political murals. Since then, due to international interest in the peace process, formal tourism has been on the rise, leading to the development of rival tourism initiatives by both the government and local communities. The research questions if it is possible to have a meaningful peace if communities maintain a conflict in the symbolic landscape.  The work also evaluates the changing identity of the tourist as a possible positive force for social change.

Research Interests

  • cultural geography
  • gender
  • qualitative methods
  • feminist geo-politics


  • Ph.D. Geography, Syracuse University
  • MLA Landscape Architecture, SUNY - Environmental Science and Forestry
  • B.S. Marketing, Business Administration, Manhattan College


Jenna Marie Christian, Ph.D. (current)

Dana Cuomo, Ph.D. (current)

Andre Israel, Ph.D. (current)

Nicola Laliberte, Ph.D. (current)

Crista Livecchi, Ph.D. (current)

Greg Lankenau, Ph.D. (2012) "Awaken 101: Student Experiences in Transformative Environmental Education"

Jennifer Fluri, Ph.D. (2005): Beyond the Burqa: The Spatial Politics of Afghanistan's Revolutionary Women.

Current position: Associate Professor of Geography and Women's Studies, Dartmouth

Risa Whitson, Ph.D. (2004): "Reworking Place, Gender, and Power: Informal Work in Urban Argentina"

Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Women's Studies, Ohio University

Jeffrey Davis, Ph.D. (2003): Producing Place and Indigenous Tourism Development: Re-Creating Bikini Atoll.

Current position: Associate Professor of Geography, University of Hawaii, Milo

Beth Zeleny, Ph.D. (2000): Gendered Space in Afghan Refugee Camps. Current position: security analyst, Northrop Grunman

Margaret Farrar, Ph.D. (2000): Building the Body Politic: Subjectivity and Urban Space.

Current position: Associate Professor of Political Science, Augustana College.

Jenna Marie Christian, M.A. (2012)

Marina Viola, M.S. (2009)

Morgan Windram, M.A. (2005)

Amy Trauger, M.A. (2001)

Courses Taught

  • GEOG 426Y
  • GEOG 124
  • GEOG 293H
  • GEOG 520


“Banal Militarization: Gender, Fear and Space”, under review Geography Compass


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Book Chapters   

“The Hidden War: The “Risk” to female soldiers in the U.S. Military”  in Kirsch S. and Flint C. Reconstructing Conflict: The Hidden War: The “Risk” to Female Soldiers in the U.S. Military, Ashgate, at press.

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Other Publications

Book Review: Subjectivities, Knowledges, and Feminist Geographies: The Subjects and Ethics of Social Research, eds Bondi et al., Social and Cultural Geography, 5(2),2004.

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Think Locally, Act Globally! Linking Local and Global Communities Through Democracy and Environment, teaching module published by Association of American Geographers, 1996.


2003: The College of EMS, College Mentoring Award

2001: The College of EMS Wilson Award for Outstanding Teaching