Samuel Stehle


My background is in GIS, remote sensing, and computer science, so I approach spatial questions through customization and algorithm development. Mostly, I have focused on quantitative analysis of spatio-temporal patterns of political events. My masters thesis was titled "Pattern Matching via Sequence Alignment: Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Patterns and their Distances."


In my dissertation, I expand on current approaches for representing global geopolitics through digital news media. I use Latent Dirichlet Allocation to derive key terms and topics from the text of news and social media posts and map that semantic space onto geographic space. I demonstrate the process by studying the geopolitics of sports competition, especially with respect to the Catalan independence movement and the British Commonwealth Games


Research Interests

  • visual analytics
  • geopolitics
  • event detection
  • pattern recognition
  • politics and sport
  • time geography
  • Java
  • Python

Research Focus

spatio-temporal analysis of news and social media



  • M.S. Geography, 2013, Penn State
  • B.S. Geography, Computer Science (Minor) 2010, University of Utah


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Supporting Women in Geography (treasurer 2015-2016)

Association of American Geographers

Gamma Theta Upsilon

Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)