National Mapping Expertise Exchange (NMEE)

NMEE imageThe Gould Center's National Mapping Expertise Exchange (NMEE) program promotes innovation and excellence in national mapping by building connections among mapmakers, educators, researchers, and software developers at academic, commercial, and governmental organizations.

• We emphasize advanced cartographic design and production using GIS software.

• Many federal mapping projects seek advice and collaboration on best practices for map labeling, generalization, multi-scale mapping, symbol design, color use, cartographic data modeling, data classification, page layout, cross-agency data use, and other cartographic challenges.

• Non-federal organizations also seek efficient use of federal geospatial data for mapping, and we connect them with both federal and commercial mapmakers, software experts, and data providers to aid in making decisions that advance projects.

Contact Dr. Cynthia Brewer, Director of the Gould Center, to discuss funding a National Mapping Expertise Exchange on your topic.


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