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Cynthia Brewer is a USGS Affiliate Faculty

with the Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science (CEGIS).



Funded ProjectsCEGIS logo

• "Symbol and Label Design Solutions for Electronic Topographic Mapping for The National Map of the United States," 2008-2013
• "Cartographic Enhancement for New Generation Topographic Map Graphics," 2008.
• "ESRI Project on Multi-scale Map Design and Data Modeling," 2006-2007.

ScaleMaster Resources is an online resource that offers a collection of presentations, publications, and interactive resources produced by Barbara Buttenfield and Cynthia Brewer.

Related PublicationsNational Academics Press graphic

• Brewer and Buttenfield, 2009, "Mastering Map Scale: Balancing Workloads Using Display and Geometry Change in Multi-scale Mapping," Geoinformatica.
• Brewer and Buttenfield, 2007, "Framing Guidelines for Multi-Scale Map Design Using Databases at Multiple Resolutions," Cartography and Geographic Information Science.
• National Research Council, 2007, "A Research Agenda for Geographic Information Science at the United States Geological Survey," The National Academies Press.