Justice and Nature

Social and environmental justice is an area of interest within various academic and policy realms concerned with the inequities experienced as a result of race, socio-economic status, and ethnicity. While much work in environmental justice has usefully focused on the disproportionate exposure of poor and minority populations to environmental hazards, geographers at Penn State University are working to expand conceptualizations of justice to include systematic and comparative research within urban and rural populations, industrialized and developing contexts, access to and control over resources for production and livelihoods and rights to environmental entitlements. Additionally, research and teaching examines the unwilling exposure to hazards, processes and institutions of environmental governance, and indeed the social processes that create and perpetuate inequality on the basis of race, gender, income, or other social categories.

Faculty with interests in issues of Justice and Nature are:

Brian King

Petra Tschakert

Melissa Wright

Karl Zimmerer