Simulated effects of fuel treatments on fire behavior ...

Simulated effects of fuel treatments on fire behavior and viewsheds in the inner wildland urban interface of Yosemite National Park


One of the most striking changes in the landscape of Yosemite Valley since Euro-American settlement is the increase in extent and density of forest on the valley floor. Much of this change is associated with exclusion of low severity surface fires since the late 19th century. Forest change in combination with development in the Inner WUI Zone has increased risk to life and property from high severity fire. Special management may be needed to reduce fire risk in the Inner WUI in Yosemite Valley including forest thinning and this is provided for in the Yosemite National Park Fire Management Plan.


This project will evaluate the effectiveness of forest thinning prescriptions on simulated fire behavior and viewsheds in Inner WUI Forest based on community protection and scenic value criteria.



This project was supported with funding from the National Park Service and the Joint Fire Science Program

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