The Jennifer Fluri and Amy Trauger Student Essay Competition

The Jennifer Fluri and Amy Trauger Student Essay Competition

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Call for contributions

Penn State’s Supporting Women In Geography (SWIG) calls for submissions to its annual student essay competition. Recognizing the role of gender, class, sexuality and race in the organization of our everyday lives, SWIG aims to promote and empower individuals within geography by offering a supportive network that sponsors opportunities to grow professionally, intellectually, and personally.

This paper competition solicits perspectives on the following question: How do representations of scale or representations at certain scales give voice, or take it away?

Giving voice refers to being heard and seen, a visibility that is closely related to attempts to alleviate underrepresentation. Submissions can include marginalizations arising from gender, race, class, ethnicity, geographical location, non-human, or other identified factors. We encourage authors to interpret scale and giving voice in ways that are meaningful to their experiences.

We welcome contributions from current undergraduate and graduate students, irrespective of academic institution or discipline. Although written essay submissions are limited to 1,000 words, we encourage contributors to express their thoughts using other mediums as well, including, but not limited to, maps, diagrams, photography, poetry, film, drawing, and painting. Every submission, whether textual or visual, should include a 200-word abstract that indicates how the entry addresses the intent of the CFP.

With the author’s permission, submissions will be made public for others on Penn State SWIG’s website. We envision the public presentation of submissions to provoke discussion and questions in the discipline about what support looks like, and how it may be and could be experienced. Awards will be presented at the 2015 AAG Conference in Chicago, although participation in the conference is not required.


Submissions are due April 1, 2015.

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Background information

Dr. Jennifer Fluri and Dr. Amy Trauger were instrumental in the establishment and promotion of Penn State SWIG when there were graduate students in the Penn State Department of Geography. Their defining leadership established long standing traditions in our community, including Supporting Young Women in Geography Day (SYWIG Day) where young women from across the state participate in a day of geography learning with researchers in our department, and has left a legacy within our department of a culture of mentorship, support, and outreach. By hosting this award in their names, we hope to further the spirit of their work with Penn State SWIG.