Undergraduate Exit Survey

Congratulations on finishing your geography degree!  Each semester we ask graduating seniors to participate in an online exit survey that allows us to hear from you about your experience as an undergraduate in the Department of Geography. Your input helps us to expand on what we are doing well, improve on what we are doing not-so-well, and hear your suggestions on what we could do differently. Please feel free to say whatever is on your mind.

We'd also like to collect your contact information so we can continue to stay in touch.

We really do want to hear your comments on the UnderDoG experience! We hope you will be able to complete the survey before leaving campus in May. When you do, please see Missy or Jess in the Geography Department Office (302 Walker) to collect a small token of our appreciation.  If you're unable to complete the survey before leaving town, we will send your token to the address you provide.




Please enter a non-Penn State e-mail address (@psu.edu). Penn State e-mail addresses typically expire 6 months after graduation.