Project SP15m: Evaluation of prototype visualization/computation software

Project SP15m: Evaluation of prototype visualization/computation software
Researcher: Dr. Donna J. Peuquet
Position type: GIS, software evaluation, documentation

Application deadline: 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Position description

We are looking for an undergraduate GIScience student to assist in the evaluation of the STempo prototype software system, which is also related to other ongoing GeoVISTA research projects.  STempo is a combined visualization and computational environment for examining and discovering temporal patterns in event data gathered from online news reports (RSS newsfeeds).  More specifically, we have been focusing on recent and ongoing geopolitical and economic events in the Middle East.   This position entails three primary tasks:

  1. Explore the software, noting what is easy or not so easy to use in the user interface relating to both browsing the data and understanding results of the built-in computational processes.  There are two computational processes.  One is a statistical process to discover patterns in event data.  The other is a pattern matching process for finding additional instances of known patterns or those found through the computational discovery process.
  1. Develop a ‘quick start’ manual with the help of faculty and graduate students on the STempo team.  This is envisioned as a short set of instructions designed to orient the new user to the functions of STempo.
  1. Assist in the evaluation process, which will involve volunteers working with the system using a structured protocol.

Desired qualifications

The applicant must be well-organized and have strong analytical and critical skills.  Although this project will contribute to research in GIScience, and Geovisualization more specifically, applicants from other subfields will be considered.  Successful course-work in GIS/cartography including Geog 160 and Geog 361 is an advantage.  The applicant should also be familiar with basic MS Office software such as MS Word and Excel.  While the tasks related to this work will not involve the use of ArcGIS, an understanding of geospatial data and GIS concepts is important.  Programming skills are not required, but is an advantage.

The number of credits will vary according to the applicant’s qualifications and potential contributions to the project. There is no monetary stipend attached to this assistantship, although the experiences gained in this work will be immediately valuable when applying for graduate school or full-time employment.            

To apply

Prospective candidates should submit application to by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 18, 2014.
A complete application must include:
1. All required fields of online form:

2. A one-page cover letter identifying the position for which you're applying and stating your interest in conducting research, your academic preparation, the skills you hope to gain from this experience, and contact information of two references.

  • Upload a PDF document named as follows: FirstinitialLastname_letterMMYY.pdf (e.g. jvender_letter1114.pdf)

3. A resume

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