Carolynne Hultquist

Carolynne G. Hultquist

Office Address: 
205 Walker Buildling
Post-doctoral Scholar
Department of Geography
  • GIScience
  • Social Data Analytics
  • Natural Hazards
Faculty Advisor(s): 

I am a geography and social data analytics Ph.D. student specializing in fusing sources of geographic information to better understand complex environments. My research has involved machine learning, the use of geospatial technologies during hazards, energy, and complexity theory. The broad aim of my research is to use computational methods for spatio-temporal analysis and modeling of human impacts from natural disasters. My master’s thesis was on the validation of citizen science radiation measurements around Fukushima by comparing this Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) to government data and dispersion models over space and time. My Ph.D. research continues on this theme by assessing the validity, resolution, and usefulness of citizen-contributed environmental hazard data. It is critical to recognize the benefits and limitations of environmental and social data from various geospatially enabled technologies.