Jamie Peeler

Jamie Peeler

Office Address: 
222 Walker Building
Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
Department of Geography

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  • landscape ecology
  • forest resilience
  • fire ecology
Faculty Advisor(s): 

Jamie Peeler is a PhD Candidate working with Dr. Erica Smithwick. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she participated in research projects focused on fire-adapted ecosystems in South Africa, Florida, the Pacific Northwest, and Wyoming. Her previous research has been published in the Florida Scientist and Diversity and Distributions.

Jamie’s current research is linking landscape context to post-fire forest resilience in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  A critical first step to understanding this link is identifying the patterns and spatial scales at which landscape context is important for post-fire forest recovery. However, scale-dependent effects are often species specific, thus identifying relevant scales must account for different regeneration traits and/or life histories. To unravel these interactions among traits, scale, and landscape context, Jamie conducts field research at three recent fires in Bridger-Teton National Forest.  Further, she draws on her training as a landscape ecologist, using the discipline’s tools and theory. Her research is funded by the NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship and a National Geographic Early Career Grant.

For more information, you can visit Jamie’s personal website: https://jamiepeeler.com/