Wendy L. Zeller Zigaitis

Office Address: 
206 Walker Building
Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
Department of Geography
  • geovisualization
  • user experience
  • UAS
  • conservation
  • resource scarcity
Faculty Advisor(s): 

Ms. Zeller Zigaitis holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University in Geography, with a minor in Natural Sciences, a Masters of Arts degree in Political Geography from the University of Maryland, and a Masters of Natural Resources from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She was selected in 2007 as a Federal Research Fellow, where she focused her research on training on unmanned systems data analysis. During this time Ms. Zeller Zigaitis was part of a team awarded a Federal Government award for curriculum development.

Ms. Zeller Zigaitis is an avid traveler. She has currently visited all 50 US states, 6 continents (Antarctica is remaining), and 46 countries.