Scott Pezanowski

Scott Pezanowski

Office Address: 
211 Walker Building
Geospatial Technology Lead
Department of Geography

PDF icon Curriculum Vitae (108.93 KB)
Research Interests: 
  • cartography
  • Java programming
  • Big GeoSpatial data
  • open source GIS
  • GIScience
  • geospatial information storage and analysis and retrieval
  • web map application architecture research and development

I am the Geospatial Technology Lead at the GeoVISTA Center in the Department of Geography. I am involved in three main roles at the Center: research activities, instructional support, and many Center IT duties.

Current research interests and activities

My research interests include Geographic Visualization, GIScience, Online Mapping, and software and web development. The GeoVISTA Center researches, designs and produces software and web applications allowing audiences to derive meaning from an ever growing amount of geographic information.