Eden Kinkaid

Eden Kinkaid

Office Address: 
302 Walker Building
Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
Department of Geography
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Research Interests: 
  • Agricultural knowledge and practice
  • postcolonial theory
  • critical development
  • queer theory
  • philosophy,
Faculty Advisor(s): 

Areas of interest, knowledge and influence:

  • Science and technology studies, philosophy and history of science; postcolonial theory, subaltern studies; political ecology; critical development studies.
  • Queer theory; feminist geographies; new materialisms; phenomenology; post-structuralism; philosophies of the subject and space.
  • Foucault, Lefebvre, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty.
  • Ethnography; actor-network theory; feminist methodologies

Research agenda:

My dissertation research is broadly concerned with issues of agricultural change, development, knowledge, and practice among smallholders farmers in north India. In particular, I am interested in the articulation of rural citizenships and identities as well as claims for rights to seeds, practices, and rural livelihoods amidst transnational neoliberal changes in the agricultural sector. This research is strongly intellectually influenced by postcolonial and subaltern studies, science studies, and ethnographic studies of agriculture in South Asia.

A second area of my research and writing concerns the intersections of queer theory and geography, with particular emphasis on problematic of the subject and space, along with the development and implications of relational ontologies. Here I draw generously from post-structuralist, feminist, and phenomenological thought, and their various critiques of representation. Foucault, Heidegger, Lefebvre, and Merleau-Ponty are major influences.

Methodologically, I am interested in postmodernist/post-structuralist ethnographic approaches, feminist methodologies, and actor-network theory. These approaches are of interest in the field and as fodder for philosophical reflection.