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Our research in Geographic Information Sciences includes topics concerning GIS, cartography, representation, qualitative methods, quantitative methods, spatial cognition, human factors, remote sensing, visualization, and education.

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Human Geography

The Human Geography program at Penn State examines social and environmental issues that span across space and place. Our research focuses on patterns and processes that shape human interaction with the built and natural environments with expertise in geographic education, gender, historical and cultural geographies, justice and nature, political economy, political geographies, and urban spaces. Read More

Environment & Society

Our nature-society research focuses on justice and the environment, global change processes, climate change impacts and adaptation, hazards, risks, and vulnerability, water governance, and changes in agro-biodiversity. Faculty members also study management and policy, including contested issues of environmental governance, conservation and protected areas, and social movements. Furthermore, several faculty members pursue research that investigates the linkages between poverty, marginalization, social exclusion, development, and agency. Read More

Physical Geography

Research interests of the faculty in physical geography are in the fields of synoptic climatology and climate dynamics, snow hydrology, the cryosphere, remote sensing, ecological biogeography and ecosystem dynamics, landscape and restoration ecology, wetlands ecology and management, and coastal and inland hazards. Read More