C. Gregory Knight retirement celebration photo scrapbook

A special afternoon dedicated to research on water resources and the celebration of the career of Professor Emeritus C. Gregory Knight was held on Friday, October 21, 2011.  Review the event schedule here: http://www.geog.psu.edu/news/events/40-years-of-Knight


Photo Descriptions (click on photo for larger view)

1.  One of two identically decorated, but differently flavored cakes for the occasion.

2.  "Is this the  vanilla or the chocolate?" Knight prepares to cut the cake.

3.  Rodney Erickson, executive vice president and provost of the University recalls how Knight persuaded him to come to Penn State.

4.  Erickson and Knight warmly embrace and congratulate each other.

5. Kary Isett, undergraduate staff assistant in the Department of Geography, serves generous portions of cake.

6. Knight makes his remarks.

7. Karl Zimmerer recounts Knight's accomplishments and his impact on the Department of Geography.

8. Event speakers (left to right): Christopher J. Duffy, Andrew Warner, Robert Brooks, Tim Palmer, C. Gregory Knight, Karl Zimmerer Heejun Chang, Lisa Wainger. See speaker titles and bios at: http://www.geog.psu.edu/news/events/40-years-of-Knight


 Remarks from former students and colleagues who could not attend in person

"I remember how excited he was when I switched advisors from a well known full professor to the relatively new Greg Knight.  He remarked that he’d always remember that. While my work and experience was pretty straight forward (except for the camaraderie among the grad students at that time), Greg’s next and other advisee in the 70’s, Dick Hansis, disappeared for a time in Chile during the 1973 Pinochet Coup; he reappeared in Argentina to our relief after having crossed the Andes. Greg was a great advisor offering useful advice and guidance that helped me succeed in reaching my goals at Penn State.  I wish him a retirement exciting as were his years at PSU." --Ken Lerner

" My best wishes for a most enjoyable and gratifying day. Take great pleasure and pride in all the grand things you are going to hear about your personality, research, and teaching, because they are all true. Thanks for everything you've done for Penn State and the Geography Department over the years, and know that you have my deepest personal appreciation for 48 years of warm and rewarding collegiality and friendship.  Best wishes to you and Marieta for many happy and productive years in the future."--Ron Abler 


"He was an awesome advisor."--Ansu John


"My deepest congratulations to Greg upon his retirement.  I have so many fond memories of the time that I worked with him and feel that he accomplished so much on behalf of the University.  It was an honor to know him and work with him."--Becky Young

 If you would like to add your remarks, send them to geography@psu.edu