Icon Progress - Text, Discussion, Video

For the past couple weeks, I have been working with a team of fellow designers to develop icons for elearning's introduction videos.

The text icon is pictured on the far left.  This icon will represent the use of text in our websites to present content to our students.  Finding the right amount of fake text to put on the paper was difficult.  Past iterations had too much fake text and made it difficult to view for extended periods of time.

Many eLearning courses are incorporating Angel’s discussion boards for class interactivity.  The icon in the middle will represent these class discussion boards in our process video.  This icon was definitely the hardest to develop, this icon felt like the best way to represent textual replies.  The icon incorporates the idea of a physical bulletin board to represent the digital community board.  The physical board explains the concept to the viewer much quicker than previous digital board concepts.

Since eLearning is incorporating a large quantity of video into our websites, I made a new video icon for the process video.  This icon is presented on the far right.   Getting the correct perspective of this icon was a challenge, but the final results make me quite proud.