Student Awards

Student Awards

2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Student Awards and Recognition


Department of Geography

Jeff Gockley Memorial Award: Yuying Ren

Balmat Family Scholarship in Geography: Danielle Ruffe, Brittany Waltemate

Balmat Family Fund in Geography for Honors Scholars: Sonia Kaufman, John Swab

G. D. Richardson and Kathy LaSauce Undergraduate Scholarship in Geography in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences: Andrew Brown, Colin Kelly, Connor Klassen, Christopher Mertz, Doran Tucker

Geography Alumni Scholars (Outstanding Student) Award: Ruiqi Guo, McQuillan Murphy, Grant Smith, John Swab

Ronald F. Abler Award in Geography: Andrew Brown

Erickson Fund in Geography: Kathy Cappelli, Adelaide Kellett, Connor Klassen, Christopher Mertz, Brandon Rothrock, Max Rudner

C. Gregory Knight Endowment in Geography: Colin Kelly, Yuying Ren, Courtney Rome

Peter R. Gould Center for Geography Education and Outreach Student Engagement Award: Kathy Cappelli, McQuillan Murphy, Grant Smith


Department of Geography

E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Geography: Sara Cavallo

E. Willard Miller Award in Geography

  • PhD Paper, First Place: Jenna Christian
  • PhD Paper, Second Place: Morteza Karimzedah
  • PhD Proposal, First Place: Lucas Harris
  • PhD Proposal, Second Place: Kelsey Brain
  • Masters Paper Winner: Carolynne Hultquist
  • Masters Proposal Winner: Jamie Peeler


Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award: Elena Sava

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Carolyn Fish

Supporting Women in Geography Nancy Brown Community Service Award: Carolyn Fish

Ronald F. Abler Award in Geography: Russell Hedberg, Carolynne Hultquist, Elena Sava

Erickson Fund in Geography: Margaret Boyle, Travis Young, Jiayan Zhao

C. Gregory Knight Endowment in Geography: Kelsey Brain, Lauren Fritzsche, Eden Kinkaid, P. William Limpisathian

Ruby S. Miller Endowment for Geographic Excellence: Megan Baumann, Carolynne Hultquist, Elena Sava, Marie Louise Ryan