Department Directory

Karen Cox Karen Cox
Administrative Support Coordinator
Process expenses and reimbursements (including travel); Monitor departmental endowments; Award scholarships and academic enrichment; Process wage payroll appointments/bi-weekly payroll submissions; Coordinate faculty searches; Faculty support
Marnie Deibler Marnie Deibler
Proposal and Award Generalist
Proposal preparation and submission, including subawards; Administer amendments or continuations; Monitor grant and contract balances, fulfill reporting requirements, and compose closing documents; Promotion & Tenure, 5 Year Post reviews; Faculty Activity Reports
Bob Hibbert Robert Hibbert
Computer Lab Supervisor
Hannah Ingram Hannah Ingram
Research Support Technician 1
Structure adn function of wetlands and related resources, mainly in Mid-Atlantic states
Denise Kloehr Denise Kloehr
Administrative Support Cordinator
Office Manager; Human Resources; Visas; Salaries; Sabbaticals; General and Research Budget Administration; Awards; Endowments; Promotion and Tenure
Jess Perks Jessica Perks
Administrative Support Assistant
Angela Rogers Angela Rogers
Marketing Communications Specialist
Science writer; Department webmaster; Newsletter editor; Photography and videography
Jodi Vender Jodi Vender
Academic Adviser
geography education; human geography; women in the history of geography; geographical societies
Missy Weaver Melissa Weaver
Administrative Support Assistant
Administrative Support Assistant; Undergraduate Enrollment Specialist; Department Head and Advisor Calendar Scheduling; Department Safety Coordinator; Key Coordinator; SRTE Administrator; Event Coordinator; Room Reservations; Maintain Listservs; Mailings; Order Supplies; Receptionist