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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Geography emphasizes the social and behavioral aspects of geography.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) major is a broader liberal-arts based program that incorporates foreign langauge study and courses outside the major in combination with core and elective geography courses. The BA Geography major is especially appropriate for students seeking a deeper understanding of the human experience and human-environment interactions, planning to combine their degree with concurrent majors and minors, or intending to pursue post-graduate work in geography or related disciplines.

In both the B.S. and B.A., students can customize and specialize their programs through the completion of undergraduate certificates. The Geography major can provide preparation for a career in business, industry, or government. Geographers with bachelor's degrees are currently being placed in federal, state, and local administrative and planning agencies and in private firms that specialize in planning and development or in environmental, socioeconomic, or location analysis.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Majors in Geography will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental geographic skills and concepts and apply them to complex spatial relationships (interactions, patterns, processes) within the human socio-cultural and natural environments at global, regional, and local scales.
  • Majors in Geography will engage in spatial and environmental critical thinking by analyzing, discussion and synthesizing geographical information that may include professional/technical documents, primary data, maps, graphics, and/or archival data.
  • Majors in Geography will communicate geographic information utilizing oral, written, and visual formats to effectively process and integrate facts, ideas, and research results.
  • Majors in Geography will develop research skills by locating, understanding, and explaining geographic challenges and opportunities related to human socio-cultural and/or environmental phenomena at global, regional, and local scales.

View the objectives and requirements for the Geography B.A. in the University Bulletin

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