Joshua Inwood

Joshua Inwood

Office Address: 
311 Walker Building
Associate Professor
Department of Geography

  • critical race theory
  • peace geographies
  • social movements
  • political economy
  • urban geography
  • social justice
  • cultural geography

Hello and welcome to my faculty profile.  I hold a joint appointment with Pennsylvania State University’s Rock Ethics Institute. At its heart, my research seeks to understand the social, political and economic structures that make human lives vulnerable to all manner of exploitations, as well as how oppressed populations use social justice movements to change their material conditions. Currently, I am co-PI (w/ Derek Alderman) on an NSF funded grant (April 2017-May 2020, $375,000) that is exploring the use of geospatial intelligence by civil rights organizations. This research investigates how Civil Rights organizations used geospatial data techniques to calculate, map, and analyze the spatial and social dimensions of segregation in the US South during the US civil rights struggle.

Also, I have long-standing research interests focused on the movement to address human wrongs through truth and reconciliation commissions, specifically the burgeoning truth movement within the United States.  This National Science Foundation-funded research (August 2010-December 2015, $164,000) has engaged with a truth and reconciliation commission that took place in Greensboro, NC.

Finally, I have continuing research interests centered around Settler Colonialism, whiteness and race within t a US context as well as research on Martin Luther King Jr., and questions of peace and non-violence.

Feel free to check out my Google Scholar or Research Gate page to see examples of recent publications that engage with these research interests.